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Martial arts experts extraordinare and best friends to boot, Fala (no, she isn't French!) and Sheryl (no, she isn't a Valley Girl!) love nothing better than kicking tail and taking names (which Plucky finds out to his everlasting regret when they first meet!). Since Sheryl's husband, a doppelganger for Plucky, was killed in an anvil accident, (a fact none of the Tiny Toons are aware of) needless to say, she didn't quite know how to react when first seeing the silly green duck. These days, (after the events in the original trilogy) Fala and Sheryl hire themselves out as freelance bodyguards.
1977: Fala and Sheryl are born on the same day, hour, minute, and second, in an isolated mountain region far from Perfecto Plaza. As the two grow up, refusing to accept the traditional roles assigned to young girls, they both become experts in an otherwise obscure and highly painful martial art (which is so obscure that it doesn't even have a name!). This insures their mutual safety... but makes it awfully hard for either of them to get a date.
1995: Sheryl falls in love and marries a silly green duck with an ego the size of your average swamp (who is so obscure that he doesn't even have a name). Unfortunately, one month later, he's killed by an anvil falling from 50,000 feet. Coming to the conclusion that marriage isn't for her, she returns to her martial arts. Both Sheryl and Fala quickly become firearms experts as well. While training in Perfecto Forest one day, they accidentally fall into the underground tunnel, and thus meet Uke, Barb and Catastrophe, although history records that the two girls aren't exactly thrilled about it. Despite their misgivings, however, they do form a friendship which, although not exactly a fast one, is still strong enough to overcome their initial distrust.
1996: At Uke's request, Sheryl and Fala are hastily recruited to try and teach basic survival skills to his ragtag resistance group, and, after a few weeks, succeed beyond even their expectations. It's during this period that they first meet Rebecca Rat. Later that same year, they first meet Alex Redolence and the Tiny Toons. Sheryl's initial meeting with Plucky is not one of history's great moments ("Parallel Parking"). Later on, S&F are hired by Uke as palace security when he becomes mayor pro tem ("The Rat Stuff"), eventually hiring themselves out as freelance bodyguards.

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