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1991 1Gone With The Whim
8/18/1996 2A (slightly) Monumental Decision
10/1/1996 3Is Breaking Up All THAT Hard To Do?
late 1996 4Hoops Du Jour
8/21/1996 5A Pool And Its Party Are Soon Started...
8/30/1996 6Parallels 1: Parallel Parking
9/9/1996 7Parallels 2: Parallel Bars (or, The 14 kt. Rabbit Returns)
11/30/1996 8Once Around The Writer's Block...
12/25/1997 9RuBarb (co-written with L.M. Withers)
8/15/1997 10Miranda
3/17/1998 11The Bloomin' Loonies: Entrances (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
8/1998 12The Bloomin' Loonies 2: Football - It's A Looney Old Game (No Matter HOW You Play It) (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
1998 13Bloomin' Loonies 2: Football - It's STILL A Looney Old Game... (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
11/5/1998 14Parallels 3: The Rat Stuff
3/15/1999 15Miranda 2: Changes
5/24/1999 16RuBarb 2: When The Roof Caves In, The Bottom Falls Out...
2/7/2000 17Go Chase Your Tail...
4/21/2000 18Bloomin' Loonies $4.95 (Marked down from $9.98): The Sound of Carrottes (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
2000 19Akron In Reverse
7/10/2000 20If Wishes Were Horses...
11/19/2001 21Bloomin' Loonies 5: Count 'em! 5! (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
4/17/2002 22Akron In Reverse Part II: Surprise, Surprise! (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)
12/5/2005 23Graduation Dazed And Confused
6/29/2005 24One More Time...
late 2006 25Akron 3: Wrong? What Can Go Wrong?... Oh. That. (co-written with Jennifer Cleckley)