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Ten years in the lives: a history of Rhubella Rat and The Bloomin' Loonies

The history of Rhubella Rat at Acme Loo (incorporating The Bloomin' Loonies): The nearly definitive timeline!

August:Ruby (age 19) makes the decision to enroll at Acme Looniversity ("A (slightly) Monumental Decision..."). She then decides to tell Roddy ("Is Breaking Up All THAT Hard To Do?").
Sept.:Ruby enrolls at Acme Loo ("Hoops Du Jour: The Return of Mary Melody"). Margot and the Perfectoids find out ("HDJ: Whatever Happened To Rhubella Rat?"). 15-year old Rudelle Barbara Purrenstein (aka 'RuBarb') enrolls ("RuBarb"). Ruby and the B-ball team extract revenge ("HDJ: Revenge IS Sweet... and it comes in delicious fruit flavors."). Ruby also encounters the gang from Perfecto Plaza ("The Parallels Trilogy: "Parallel Parking", "Parallel Bars" and "The Rat Stuff").
Oct.:Silliness at the pool ("A Pool And Its Party Are Soon Started"). 11-year-old Miranda Mink enrolls ("Miranda"). Ruby gets her first car, a pre-production Plymouth Prowler ("She Drives Like Crazy") [unfinished]. The 14-year-old Carrotte siblings arrive (Bloomin' Loonies 1: "Entrances"/ 2: "Football... It's A Looney Old Game (No Matter HOW You Play It"/3: "Football... It's STILL A Looney Old Game..."). RuBarb undergoes a heap of personal problems ("RuBarb 2: When The Roof Caves In, The Bottom Drops Out"). Miranda finally gets out of her wheelchair ("Miranda 2: Changes"). Somehow, this all sort of segues in to "The Sound Of Carrottes". Kind of. ("BL $4.95... The Sound of Carrottes")
Nov-Dec:Carrotte's Restaurant officially opens, and RuBarb and Miranda officially join The Bloomin' Loonies ("BL5! Count 'em! 5!"). Meanwhile, RuBarb's dorm burns down, causing her to move in with Aunt Reg and Uncle Ambrose ("BL6: While We Schlepped") [unfinished].
May:Ruby finally graduates from Acme Loo, Magna Cum Looney. ("Graduation Dazed And Confused") [unfinished].
June:Roderick Rat is appointed Dean of Perfecto Prep. Meanwhile, Lola asks Ruby to become her assistant coach at Acme Loo; however, she forgot that she applied to Pixel Academy in Boston, with the intent of studying for her degree in teaching Computer Animation. ("One More Time...")
August:Ruby arrives at Pixel, rooming off campus with Harry and Millie Purrenstein. Unfortunately, her first day there, events happen which hasten her return to Acme. She manages to keep her return a complete surprise until the first day of the semester. ("One More Time...")
Ruby continues her studies for her degree, and Roberta is diagnosed as dyslexic. In the meantime, Lizbeth Carrotte finds herself pregnant by Adam Fox, forcing the two of them to elope, after which she gives birth to Adam Jr. at age 16. In her absence, Rhubella joins the band as temporary keyboardist [also making her, at 21, the oldest member of the group!] (unwritten)
Spring:Miranda's parents (illegal Russian immigrants) are finally granted U.S. citizenship, and Leo Carrotte (17) asks Miranda (age 14) to marry him when they graduate next year [without realising her real age!] ("Akron In Reverse"). Shortly afterward, Nigel (17) proposes to RuBarb (18), and a former SoHo Prep classmate, 17-year-old Lady Jessimyn DuVrees (who has a bit of all sorts of histories) moves to Acme Acres, becoming The Loonies' new manager in the process ("Akron 2: Surprise! Surprise!"). Very shortly afterwards, Erik (previously a human who became a toon wolf by accident, incorporating an annoying A.I. named "System" in the process) also arrives in Acme Acres, and finds himself smitten with Jessimyn, becoming the Loonies' road manager/bodyguard in the process ("Wolftoon"). Preparations get underway for wedding rehearsals, and snags and surprises aplenty abound, including the arrival of *another* SoHo alumni, Duke Colin Formaldo Alderswhyte, and the intrusion of RuBarb's mother, the infamous Felina "Plaintiff" Purrenstein. Meanwhile, Jess and her mum Dianna are evicted, and find themselves as permanent house guests at Purrington Manor ("Akron 3: What Else Can Go Wrong? Oh... That."). (work in progress)
(Akron 3 storyline continues...)
Rhubella's dad Denys (whom everyone assumed had fallen into a vat of dip) turns up alive in Acme Acres. He and Rhonda renew their vows ("If Wishes Were Horses...").
July:On the Fourth of July, Nigel (18) & RuBarb (19) and Leo (18) & Miranda (15) exchange vows in a double ring ceremony. At Nige's request, Roddy serves as best man! ("Akron 3: What Else Can Go Wrong? Oh... That.").
Sept.:Denys begins his new job, photojournalism teacher at Acme Loo, and Rhubella and Roderick finally get married ("...Pigs Would Fly").
July:During their 5th anniversary party, the whole gang gets together to mutually deconstruct ["demolish" would be a better word!] the story of how Ruby got her Prowler, MST3K style ("The MST'ing of "She Drives Like Crazy") [unfinished]. (For those keeping track, Ruby is now 28, the Carrotte sibs are now 23, as is Jessimyn; RuBarb is 24, Miranda is barely 20, and Roberta is now 15. Adam Jr. is now 7. Just to give you some idea.)

All stories written by Jerry D. Withers except as follows: "RuBarb" by Jerry D. Withers and Lee M. Withers
"The Bloomin' Loonies" series by Jennifer Cleckley and Jerry D. Withers
"Akron In Reverse 2 & 3" by Jennifer Cleckley and Jerry D. Withers
"Wolftoon" by Ghostwolf (Erik Ahlstedt) and Rottin Werekitty (Jennifer Cleckley)

All items subject to change. [75 cents.]